New Express Entry Draw Experiences Increase In ITA’s and Decrease In Cut-Off Score

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The comprehensive ranking system score has now been changed from 446 to 442 on and 3,000 express entry applicants are now being invited by the government of Canada to make Canada their new permanent home! This draw has taken place on 7th of Feb 2018.

 There has been a tremendous increase in the ITAs from 2,750 to 3,000 along with a reduction in the cut-off CRS score from 444 to 442. Express entry applicants with a provincial nomination are entitles to receive 600 additional points towards their CRS score, making their position stronger for receiving an ITA. 

Today’s draw has experienced a new development for the year 2018 having an increase in the number of invitations along with a reduction in the cut-off CRS score!

To find out if your eligibility for the Express Entry system, you can fill out our  free assessment form, and we will get back to you with all the possibilities.

You can also calulate your Express Entry Points through our CRS Tool.

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