Alberta is a province which is situated in the western side of Canada. Its landscape includes some of the most beautiful mountains, prairies, desert badlands and a vast area consisting of coniferous forests. Moreover, the beauty of the province is added up by containing more than 600 lakes, and a lot of rich mineral deposits. At the western side, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks consists of a lot of glaciers that is situated in the Columbia Icefields.

Alberta is considered one of the most powerful provincial economies in Canada. Due to the provincial beauty and opportunities, it attracts a large number of people to apply for immigration in this part of the world. This part of Canada is considered to be one of those provinces which have been able to create jobs at a good scale due to its strong and growing economy.

As the other Canadian provinces, The province of Alberta also provides with some immigration programs and streams which give a chance to eligible applicants to settle in this part of Canada.