If you have received a removal order from Canada it is most likely you will need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) if you wish to return.

There are three types of removal orders, if you ever received a removal order from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) before leaving Canada the form number will guide you as to what type of removal order it is:

  1. Departure order: In this case if you received a departure order and left Canada under 30 days while informing a Canadian Immigration officer about your departure then an ARC is not needed. However if you left without informing the officer about your departure you would need an ARC.
  2. Exclusion order: If you were issued an exclusion order and :
    • It has been 12 months since you left Canada
    • You have a certificate of departure showing the date you left you would not need an ARC.
    • However if you like to return to Canada in less than 12 months after the Exclusion order was issued then you would need an ARC.
  3. Deportation order: In this case you to have to apply for ARC no matter what the situation.

The officer who assess your application will focus on :

  • Why you received the removal order.
  • Possibility that the behavior will be repeated which caused the order to be issued in the first place.
  • Length of time since last order was issued.
  • Your current situation.
  • Reason why you want to enter Canada.