As the name itself gives us a fair idea, this stream has been designed for foreign students who have studied in Canada and have attained a job offer from a Canadian employer. The students could apply for this stream as being a student in their final year of studies, or within two years of span during the completion of their studies. As all other streams under the Ontario PNP, the position offered by the employer must be approved through a pre-screening process.


This is designed for the nationals from other countries who have completed at-least half of their academic studies from a publicly-funded Canadian University or a college. International students who are interested to apply in this stream must have completed at-least a 2 year degree program or diploma while studying full-time. For those who have completed a 1 year post-graduate degree/certificate in Canada are also considered to be eligible, as long as they have completed a previous degree.


It is compulsory for applicants applying under this stream to have a valid Full-time job offer from a Canadian employer. The job being offered must be a designated work recognised by the Canadian Immigration Law. The job being provided does not need to according to the applicant’s field of study. If the applicants are receiving a scholarship that requires them to return to their home country upon the completion of their studies, are considered to be in eligible.


The job that is being offer by an employer must be approved by the means of a per-screening application, which an employer has to initiate. After the approval of the position, an application package is then provided by the employer to the foreign national, which needs to be completed by the applicant and submitted to the Ontario Government. Furthermore, the government then supports the immigrant’s application for temporary work permit or permanent residence.


This Ontario PNP stream is for international students who had done PhD program from a publicly funded university in the province of Ontario. Students could apply from inside or outside Canada, as long as they do it between 2 years of being granted the PhD degree. It is possible for students to apply on the basis of the completion of all requirements for the PhD program and are waiting for the degree to be granted. Applicants who are interested must have at-least completed 2 years of their PhD program from a university based in Ontario.

Unlike the International graduate stream, in order to qualify, the PhD Graduate Stream does not require a job offer. Such as, foreign nationals must start the application process by themselves; there is no requirement of the pre-screening application in the other streams.

After the province has nominated the applicant, he/she must then apply to the federal government in order to obtain their Canadian permanent residency status. It can take up to 12 months (one year) for someone to acquire the permanent residency, which is much quicker than the 3-5 years, that is necessary under the federal skilled worker stream.


The Ontario PNP Stream is for those individuals who are International students of Master programs from a university in Ontario. A job offer is not compulsory in order to qualify, though applicants’ must apply within the two year of the date, at which they got their Master’s degree. There is also an option for an applicant to apply while completing the last semester of their degree. The applicant is required to have completed a minimum of one academic year of study on a full-time basis.

It is compulsory for the applicant to be residing in the province of Ontario, and have a legal status in Canada, and not any sort of Refugee claim. Applicants must prove adequate language Proficiency, a minimum required level of savings or income in order to support themselves, and must have been living in the province of Ontario for at-least 1 year within the past 2 years.