The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for business has been put in pace for the purpose of recruiting and nominating the business people, who have the aim of capability of starting or purchasing of a business, or become a partner of a business that is already into existence, in the Province of Manitoba.


  • Have been in Manitoba as a visitor previously for at least 7 days to investigate business opportunities and surroundings in the province.
  • Have at least $350,000 CAN of personal net worth.
  • Have gained a minimum 3 years of experience in the ownership of a successful business, or a comprehensive experience at a senior management position in a company.
  • Look forward to invest at least $150,000 CAD, and must be participating actively in the role of management of a business in Manitoba.
  • Intend to reside in Manitoba along the accompanying dependent family members.

Under the circumstances that the application is approved by the Government of Manitoba, the applicant will need to deposit $75,000 CAD to the Government of Manitoba. Furthermore, the applicant would need to guarantee the Government of Manitoba about purchasing or establishing a business or farm in Manitoba within the time frame of 2 years after getting their Permanent Residency. This deposit will be returned by the government (without interest) after the requirements are met and the business/farm is operational.