The interested applicants who are unable to meet all the requirements of the Immigration program for Business could still qualify for the Young Farmer Program of Manitoba. This immigration program has been specifically established for such business-farming people who have the potential and desire of establishing a farm, purchase a farm, or become a partner of an existing farm in the province of Manitoba.


  • Have at least a personal net worth of $150,000 CAD.
  • Make an equity investment of a minimum of $150,000 CAD in the province of Manitoba.
  • Have the Marketing skills that would enhance the revenue of a farm.
  • Come to Manitoba for an exploratory visit for at least 7 days in order to investigate the opportunities related to farming and evaluate the quality of life in this province, before submitting the application.
  • The Intention of the applicant and the accompanying family members must be to reside in Manitoba.
  • Must be able to deliver the documented assessment of opportunities related to farming and signify the general knowledge of Manitoba.
  • Must be able to elaborate that they will generate income of more than $35,000 CAD (after paying tax) from the business of farming along other businesses.

In case the application is approved by the government of Manitoba, a payment of $75,000 CAD will be deposited to the government of Manitoba in order to provide a guarantee that the applicant will reside in Manitoba and also that the applicant will establish or purchase a farm in the province of Manitoba within a time frame of 2 years after the Permanent Residency has been received. This deposit will be returned by the government (without interest) after the requirements are met and the business/farm is operational.