Mission Statement

Canada is one of the fastest growing G7 countries and the second largest country on the globe with a population of approximately 36 million. It is known for its excellent working conditions and diverse multicultural society.

Canada takes the lead in providing the best education system, a high standard and high quality free health care system, and a diverse population.

Our company, Prudent Consultancy Services, is a Toronto-based immigration company with dedicated and hard-working professional. We work hard with clients all over the globe and use our best efforts to accommodate in our clients’ requests regarding education, work, or immigration to Canada.

On a regional basis, Asia remains Canada’s largest source of immigrants and our company works hard to make every individual’s wish come true by helping them immigrate to Canada.


One of our company’s main focus is to build healthy long-term relationships with our clients by abiding by our rule of respecting clients and exercising prudence to reach the best results. Our working standard is highly efficient as we answer and respond to every clients’ question and concern with care and respect. No email or call has ever gone unattended and we reply within 24 hours. Our job is to satisfy you, the client and monitor the process of your application continuously in order to help you, our client to reach your goal.

It is due to our high working standards that we are able to maintain our clients’ files in an organized fashion while staying on top of the process. We value your time the same way you value ours. All these factors help you, our client, gain a better understanding of how effective our process is and why we would be defined as the best in professional services by suggesting legal solutions to our clients around the world.

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