The Northwest Territories is defined as one of the three territories which have the option of providing a nomination program in order to nominate applicants just like other provinces. After the Northwest Territories nominates an applicant, he/she may then apply for the federal government permanent resident status in Canada. Those applicants who are nominated by the provincial program could have their case processed more quickly than in comparison to the other applicants who apply through other programs.

The Northwest Territories have launched some very good programs in order to provide a chance to people who have a desire to settle in this part of Canada. Similar to other provinces, there are a number of streams through which an applicant may apply in order to be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Below is presented the list of four categories under the Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP):

  • Entrepreneur
  • Self-Employed
  • Skilled Worker
  • Critical Impact Worker


Applicants applying under this category are required to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible under the NTNP:

  • Applicants must have financial capacity for investing in and starting a new business in the Northwest Territories, or purchasing an existing business in the province of Northwest Territories.
  • Applicants are not only required to act as an investor but also they must have an active role in the business.
  • The applicant must execute a business plan that would provide the Province of Applicants must have financial ability to invest in and start a new business in the Northwest Territories, or purchase an existing business in Northwest Territories.


Applicants applying under this category are required to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible under the NTNP:

  • Applicants must make sure that they are capable of supporting themselves and their families while setting up a business.
  • Applicants must work professionally in the business environment and practice.
  • Applicants must set up such a business that has an active demand in the Northwest Territories (a Labour Market Survey will evaluate if a service/business is in demand).


Employers are required to apply through this category and arrange, submit all the documents by themselves in order to hire a foreigner for the specific job offer.

  • The employer must have established and registered a business for the period of at least one year, and must be in good standing with the related regulatory authorities. Employers must also present their proof of recruitment attempt in the local region and must provide with an evidence of demand for the type of required worker in NWT by means of Labour Market Opinion.
  • The offer of work/employment must be a permanent full time job offer that also abides by the comparable industry pay rate. Moreover, the offered job must fall under the NOC skill level 0, A, or B.
  • The foreign national being offered a job must have a strong language proficiency in either English or French and he/she must have the required credentials/license to operate in the related field of work being offered. The applicants are also required to have a specific period of work experience depending on the nature of occupation being offered in NWT.


  • This category has been put in place for Semi Skilled Workers who fall under the NOC level C and D (In the service and hospitality industry). This category enables the employers in recruiting the labour job contenders for filling up the shortage issue of labour industry in NWT.
  • Moreover, the employers can recruit semi-skilled workers under the NOC skill levels C & D, which are not qualified for other programs. For becoming eligible to apply, the applicants need to be already working in the province of NWT for the period of at least 6 months on a Canadian Temporary Work Permit.
  • However, the applicant must attain a full-time job offer and at the same time, employers must provide a comparable industry rate of pay. Applicants therefore need to have the required work experience which would ultimately help in performing in the job being offered, they also need to provide a proof of financial resources to support themselves. The related applicants are also required to write a language test, that is administered by a recognize agency. The employment offer must not breach any existing agreements/laws that employers are bound to.