The Nova Scotia Nominee program (NSNP) has been put in place in order to develop the economy of the province be pooling in the skilled workers and experienced entrepreneurs for Permanent Residency. If you have an intention of getting nominated for the province of Nova Scotia, then you need to have knowledge of different streams to apply.

To elaborate a bit about this province, Nova Scotia is one of those provinces which are situated at the eastern Canada’s Maritime on the Atlantic. It mostly consists of peninsula and aesthetic offshore islands; it is also considered as a home to puffins and seals, and this region is very much popular for water sports like kayaking.

This part of Canada (Nova Scotia) has taken some important steps towards designing some of the very attractive programs which could be helpful for the attainment of Canadian Permanent Residence. This is meant to help not only for the people working or studying temporarily in Canada, but also those who are outside Canada.