Among all the provincial nominee programs, the Ontario provincial nominee program would be on of the best options. If you are a skilled worker, investor, or even if you are an international student seeking to live and work in the province of Ontario, the Ontario provincial nominee program is the one should go for.

The Ontario PNP is outlined in order to help employers recruit foreign nationals to fill up the provincial labour market.


  • The Ontario PNP general category is for Ontario employers along with foreign nationals who wish to invest in a company located in Ontario.
  • This category helps employers who are having a hard time finding the skilled workers they need.
  • It also focuses on investors who may recruit qualified employees for approved positions through a general category as either temporary foreign workers or visitors.


  • If a foreign national has a job offer from an Ontario employer and the employer has approved the position with Ontario PNP, then the foreign national can apply under the Ontario Foreign worker category.
  • Both the foreign worker and the Ontario Company must meet the requirements and conditions in order to be eligible for this category.

Employer Requirements:

The first step is to send a pre-screening application in which they must meet the following conditions:

  • They are a corporation/partnership/ sole proprietorship
  • The business has been running for at least 3 years
  • They may hire those who were either visiting or working under a temporary work permit.
  • The positions being offered must be full-time and recognized under Canadian IMMIGRATION Law.
  • It must meet the standard wage levels.
  • The job offer must not disrupt any agreements, labour disputes or training opportunities for residents of Ontario.

Employers in Greater Toronto Area must have:

  • A minimum of one million in gross revenue and minimum of five full-time employees.
  • Can only apply for approval of one position per every five full-time employees.

Employees outside of Greater Toronto Area must have:

  • Minimum of $500,000 in gross revenue and three full-time permanent employees.
  • Can only apply for approval of one position per every three employees.

Foreign National Requirements:

Foreign workers must provide all the documents that are required to prove they qualify for the approved position:

  • Must have legal status in Canada
  • Must have a permanent full-time job offer recognized under Canadian Immigration Law
  • They have an employer pre-scanned approved form along with the Nominee package from the employer
  • Has at least two years of work experience in the field they have been offered or they have a license/education for a profession required in Ontario.
  • Must provide the employer approval letter, joint verification form, and the pre-screen position form.
  • Must have documents confirming their identity, family, situation, and work experience.
  • Cannot be a refugee claimant.


1. Business Investor Stream which helps companies in making investment in Ontario to ensure success of the investment


  • Investment must be permitted by the government of Ontario
  • Investment must equal to the amount of $3,000,000 CAD
  • Investment must create five full-time permanent jobs for Canadian citizens/Permanent residents
  • Investments must be legible under Canadian immigration laws and policy.

2. Individual Investors this program is for companies making an investment in an Ontario company


  • Individual investors must be involved in the running of the business.
  • Individual investors must be in control of or will control 33.334% of the share and make at least $1,000,000 CAD.
  • Cannot have the option to redeem the investment after a period of time.
  • Investment cannot be for the prime purpose of personal interest or gains.