Ontario is considered to be the most multi-ethnic and multicultural province in Canada. This is the place where half of new immigrants settle. This beautiful province is renowned for being a land of opportunity. It consists of a prosperous, democratic society that has been built up by the hard work and dedication of generations of immigrants.

When looking at the map, Ontario appears to be situated in the middle of Canada, it is also considered to be the business hub of Canada’s economy. It attracts fields such as manufacturing, finance, tourism, and many other booming industries. It’s also a leading province in terms of arts and science. Its population is approximately 12 million and consists of inhabitants who are from more than 200 countries around the globe and who can speak more than 130 different languages. It is filled with many dynamic cities along with some spectacular scenery. Like other provinces in Canada, Ontario also has a lot of immigration programs which are set in place for the economic development and expansion as well as to enhance the prosperity of the region.