A program under the administration of the PEI Public Service Commission, the Diversity Employment Program (DEP) aims to provide temporary job opportunities to candidates who are registered with this specific program. In addition to this, DEP also has a summer season program with the primary objective to provide short-term job opportunities to a diverse group of students.


In order to register with DEP, candidates must be a member of one of the designated diversity groups. Apart from this, candidates who do not fall under the categories of these diversity groups might also be considered for this program.


The selection process for this program is carried out in this manner:

  • Initially, the job openings are advertised to internal applicants and if the positions are not filled internally, departments can contact the PSC for job placement through DEP
  • Shortlisted qualified applicants are then referred by PSC to departments for screening and interviewed for available job opportunities according to their expertise
  • When an applicant successfully passes the interview, he/she can then be appointed by the PSC for a specified time period
  • Depending on the applicant’s evaluation, employment terms may be extended by PSC on recommendation by the relevant department
  • The assigned PSC Diversity consultant monitors the employee’s progress and provides necessary support
  • After at least a year of continuous employment, the applicant would then be eligible to compete for all sorts of internal competitions as an internal candidate