Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada located on the east coast of North America. It is considered to be one of the most ideal places to study, live, work, and to raise a family.

PEI is taking steps in offering some rewarding career opportunities as well as a business community that is considered to be very supportive of entrepreneurs. Students arrive in PEI from more than 60 nations to experience first rate high-quality education. Moreover, our higher education programs are fulfilling the demands for a skilled workforce, not only with industry-specific programs, but also with degrees in diverse fields.

PEI’s population is increasing with time as more and more people are coming to the province from different parts of the world, bringing new ideas, and all the possibilities to contribute to our social and economic fabric.

This province has taken some strong measures in developing helpful circumstances for newcomers to not only settle but live a prosperous life in this beautiful region.