Skilled Workers on PEI is such a program in the province of Prince Edward Island has been put in place for the employers working in this region. For that matter, we consider it to be an employer driven program and those people can apply for this provinces’ nomination who are already working with an employer based in the Prince Edward Island. This stream for permanent residency allows a lot of employers to fill up the vacant positions in the province of Prince Edward Island which could not be filled up by the local job market.


To be eligible for the stream of PEI Skilled Worker program, one must;

  • Acquire a full-time job offer i.e. an offer of employment must be from an employer in PEI and its must be of minimum of 2 years on the permanent basis.
  • Be able to present himself/herself in an interview at the Immigration Office if required.
  • Be successful in completing a post-secondary educational degree or diploma at least of 2 years.
  • Be proficient sufficiently in the English and/or French Language in order to perform the job being offered.
  • Be able to show sufficient funds and resources in order to pay the immigration costs that includes; travel expenses. For himself/herself and the family which would live and establish in PEI.
  • Have a strong intention to live and settle in PEI.