These days, Canada’s education system is renowned as one of the best systems in the world. Not only in terms of quality, but also in the multicultural environment experience too. So far, estimates of approximately 130,000 study permits are issued each year by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This provides a valuable opportunity to individuals around the globe to study in this beautiful country for a specific period of time, in a selected field of study.

In most of the cases, the Study Permit is required for all the foreigners. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which the Study permit is not mandatory. Those specific cases are listed below;

  • If the course or a program of study is no longer than the period of 6 months.
  • If the applicant/individual in question is the family member, or staff member of a person who is acting as a foreign representative to Canada.

In the above mentioned scenario, in some circumstances, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may also need a Medical examination and a police clearance certificate.

In most cases, Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires the student applicants gain a temporary resident visa. However, Citizens of countries who fall under the visa exempt countries do not need to have a temporary resident visa.

On the other side, some cities along with Montreal in the Province of Quebec require an approval from the provincial authorities with regards to the attainment of a student visa for an applicant.