Students from all around the globe visit Canada to study and enhance their skills by providing them a chance to learn among some of the most multicultural environments. This also provides an international student with a chance to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence while their studies, or after the completion of their studies, provided they fulfil the requirements set by Canadian Immigration program under which they apply for the Permanent Residence. Dual intent defined as; applying for a study permit and permanent residence at a same time, is also practiced and accepted by the authorities of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship.

You will find a list of Canadian Immigration Programs below which may be considered by the students while applying;


This program enables those candidates to apply who are required to have at least 12 months of work experience in Canada. That experience must be in a skilled occupation. Candidates are required to apply for this class within the time frame of 3 years after obtaining 1 year of work experience.

There is also an option for students to obtain a requisite experience by applying for Canadian Post Graduation Work Permit. However, it is important to know that the part time work experience gained while studying (i.e. Internships and Co-Ops) does not fall under the Canadian Work Experience requirement.


This program has been designed for such applicants who had completed a recognised program of study the province of Quebec and who have acquired an intermediate proficiency level of French Language may also qualify under this class. Please note that Canadian work experience class is not required to be completed in order to apply for this program.


This is a program which has been set in place by many provinces in Canada in order to help the foreign students achieve Canadian Immigration. Requirement of each province may vary according to their demand and need of skilled people. In some of the provinces, work experience and a job offer are required, but others do not have this kind of regulation.

Study Permit