If an individual is inadmissible to enter Canada due to criminal, medical, or security reasons then an option to overcome the situation includes of applying for a Temporary Resident Permit.


  • The TRP refers to a travel document that allows an individual entry in to Canada for a specified period of time. A temporary resident permit differs from a temporary resident visa where a TR focuses on giving an individual who is inadmissible a chance to enter Canada. Temporary resident visa focuses on giving an individual a status document to show they have met the requirements for admission into Canada.
  • The length of the TRP is decided solely by the officer making a decision on the matter. When the officer reviews the application they focus on the applicant’s need to enter Canada along with the risk they might pose to Canada and its citizens.
  • If one is criminal inadmissible then it is necessary to demonstrate:
    1. Repentance for previous offence
    2. Changed moral character
    3. Reason for seeking entry to Canada
    4. Justifying that you would be considered a low risk traveler.