About Prudent Consultancy?

A Toronto-based immigration consultancy firm, Prudent Consultancy Services helps its clients globally with their educational career and immigration related problems and objectives.
Through years of experience, knowledge and dedication, our team ensures to surpass our clients’ expectations if they plan to visit, study, work or seek residence in Canada.

What sets us apart is that there are no unopened emails or gone calls; our standard is to provide you with required information and responses within 24 hours. Understanding that different people have distinct preferences, lifestyles and day schedules we offer you to contact us in various ways, either it is by phone, email, Skype, or Whatsapp – whichever is more convenient for you.


We understand that each client is unique thus we assess each individual’s case based on their background, financial situation, family composition, skills and experience.

Our consultants can get your application submitted correctly the first time around, meaning that you have the greatest chance of success and your application is optimized correctly. You will be able to keep track with your consultant on the status of your application and will be able to understand everything regarding your application.

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